images by nicholas costopoulos

Coming Home Again, and Again.

Coming Home, Again and Again looks into my mother’s life, health and my experiences of becoming her caretaker. Returning home to my mother after she received a diagnosis of vascular dementia, has provided me with a new perception of home and our remaining time together.

This collection of photographs is a working document of our daily routines and a close look at my mother's living space. I seek to depict our time together while trying to connect with her through portraits. Some succeed while others show distance or sadness, the dementia magnifying her depression. The still life images portray my memories of home and the prized collectibles Mom has accumulated over years. The pictures of the various rooms in her home show some of the changes that have been made to accommodate her increasing frailty and lack of short term memory. 

This project has brought us closer and will continue to evolve as we move forward together.

“The ache for home lives in all of us. 

The safe place where we can go,

 as we are,

 and not be questioned.”

~ Maya Angelou